LA Homes With Grace

A picture of suburban affluence, Pasadena isn’t just a neighborhood, it’s a city unto its own.

Situated amongst the San Rafael Hills and the San Gabriel Mountains, it’s home to the famous Rose Bowl Stadium, an array of museums, a symphony orchestra, and many historical sights. More than any other part of Los Angeles, its suburban design and elegant estates that cover architectural styles from all over America truly set itself apart from other communities. Driving through the neighborhoods, it’s easy to see why countless movies and tv shows have filmed here. Each avenue, each home, could pass for any neighborhood across America, yet something uniquely special about it reminds you that you could only be in Los Angeles.





The Rose Bowl

Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena Playhouse

gamble house

Pasadena City Hall

norton simon museum

kidspace museum




The Raymond


Elisa B. (Boutique)

Vroman’s Bookstore


Hamilton Elementary School (K-5)

Aveson School of Leaders (6-12)

Hamilton Elementary School (K-5)

Marshall Fundamental School (6-12)

San Rafael Elementary (K-5)

Pasadena High School (9-12)

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